OOXML Utils – Interview: Dave Challis

Sep 4, 2009 by

Dave Challis from the School of ECS, University of Southampton talks about OOXML UtilsOOXML Utils stands for Open Office XML Utilities and it’s a useful developer tool.What is OOXML Utils?It’s a set of tools aimed at developers to enable them to manipulate word, spreadsheet and powerpoint documents dynamically and on the fly.What problems/issues is it tackling?A lot of people produce things in those formats, but it’s not always that easy to extract data from them. It should make it easier for them to do that. And also to create¬† – say – printer friendly documents.How would you like other software developers and users to get involved in what you are doing?I’d like to hear ideas on how people could use it. I’d like to hear what they think is possible to and try to provide that to people.What developer communities have you been involved in and if none, why not?The Web Management community¬† – I’ve been to the IWMW workshop a couple of times. And this is my first JISC event!What is the coolest or most exciting thing in educational software development?The Wookie Project which is about implement W3C widget spec on a server.

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