Group Manager – Interview: Micheal Aherne

Sep 4, 2009 by

Michael Aherne from the University of Strathclyde talks about Group ManagerA project running at the University of Strathclyde to enable university staff to more easily message students.What is Group Manager?Lecturers need to be able to send messages to groups of students across universities and currently the data is held across a variety of systems. What we are hoping to do is extract that so lecturers can target the right information to the right students.What problems/issues is it tackling?The data is in a variety of systems. And there are often incomplete results – so we want to also amalgamate them to get a more complete picture.How would you like other software developers and users to get involved in what you are doing?It’s an internal project, so it would be Strathclyde developers who need to put different front ends on different systems to make it work.What developer communities have you been involved in and if none, why not?Edugarage the blackboard developers.What is the coolest or most exciting thing in educational software development?The coolest thing is the widget concept and the engines that are appearing like wiki… There’s great scope in them for creating lightweight services and front ends.

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