Dev8ed Lightning Talks

Jun 12, 2012 by

One of the key features of Dev8ed was the opportunity for participants to share their work and interests with others by giving a lightning talk.  These covered a wide range of topics and provided a number of perspectives on some of the issues under discussion across the event as a whole.

Browse through our complete collection of recordings of these lightning talks to get a taste of the range of projects represented at Dev8ed….



What is FOSS? Who Are OSS Watch? Why should I care?

Rowan Wilson





The Grand Research and Development Challenges (STELLAR)

Fridolin Wild



XCRI-CAP Demonstrators

Rob Englebright



Top IPR Tips and Risk Management

Naomi Korn



The Learning Designer

Diana Laurillard



Get There Fast

Qamar Zaman and Roger Greenhalgh



Reusable Java and C# LTI Tool Classes

Niall Barr



A Different Kind of Hosting

Alex Iacconi



DEVELOP and Beyond

Guy Pursey



From Atom, to OData to Assessment APIs

Steve Lay




Localisation: Developing for International Users

Malte Ressin


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