OR2012 Bonus Challenge!

Jul 11, 2012 by

Rob Sanderson from Los Alamos National Laboratories, is offering a bonus challenge to any developer who wishes to take up his idea and develop a solution.
If you can successfully solve the problem, you would be invited to the face-to-face meeting for W3 Community Group in September. Some travel funding will be made available for this.
Rob’s problem is as follows…

As Cameron Neylon said in his opening keynote, annotation enhances the network for research. Annotations create links between resources, and at the same time can provide post-publication peer review to enable demand-side filtering. The difficulty is for this to be implemented in a distributed and interoperable fashion. Enter the W3C community group on Open Annotation.

The challenge idea is to implement the Open Annotation model specifically for post-publication peer review of research outputs on an appropriate collection, such as the PLoS journals. Come find me if you’d like to contribute, some code already exists as a head start!

If you’re interested in developing a solution for this challenge, contact Rob Sanderson by email or tweet @azaroth42.

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