Dev8D: Kinect-ing with Quadrocopters

Feb 16, 2012 by

DevXS last year was a platform for a University of Aberystwyth led team to show off their multi-mobileOS quadrocopter. Mere months down the line, and Dave Tarrant is demonstrating the speed of technological evolution with a 3D motion control system for the flying machine, using an Xbox Kinect.

Dave believes that a potential application for this system is to teach younger children and those with learning difficulties about spacial awareness:

“There are certain beneficial applications, if you like, of the technology. For example, educating young children who have learning difficulties about 3d spacial awareness by being able to interact in 3D. The Kinect is great already for playing games and interacting using full body motion, rather than a controller than you necessarily have to learn, because it is very intuitive”.

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