The Strategic Developer at IWMW11

Aug 1, 2011 by

Last week saw the 15th Institutional Web Management workshop, which was held at the University of Reading. DevCSI ran an open data workshop as an extension of the event and Mike Nolan fed back on behalf of the group during the opening talk to describe what we got up to. A full event report will be available shortly.

Paul Walk was also invited to give the closing plenary presentation at IWMW, in which he outlined the idea of the Strategic Developer and the work of the DevCSI project. Paul encouraged web managers to consider the benefits of local developers and to work with them to deliver greater value to their institutions. He cited a number of our recent case studies as examples of how this works in practice.

You can see Paul’s talk in full below…

View this video on Vimeo.

If you have a story about how a local developer has helped with the work of your web team, please contact Mahendra Mahey so we can add you to our list of case studies providing evidence for the impact of local developers.



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