OR2012 Developer Challenge:
Dusting Off The Mothballs


Joonas Kesäniemi and Kevin Van de Velde from the University of Helsinki presented an idea for a service API that provides ontology optimized query expansion for URIs at the DevCSI Open Repositories 2012 Developer Challenge.
In their original entry, Joonas gave the following description of the idea:

Our idea is demonstrated using temporal ontology that models evolution of university’s faculties over time. Faculties are established, merged, split and renamed over the course of history. All this data is captured in an ontology.

Service imports data from triple store. How the triple store is populated is out of the scope of the service. One possible solution is use something like Semantic Media Wiki for collaborative ontology creation.

In our example, the service takes in information about the changes in faculties and transforms that to an efficient index/storage for query expansion. Service provides plugin architecture that allows one to configure different kind of handler implementation for different ontologies (for example SKOS vocabularies).

This service is part of a bigger picture of using and providing Linked Open Data. In addition to the systems for maintaining ontologies, as mentioned above, repositories should start creating links to resources instead of plain strings.




This video is also available on Vimeo.




Slides to follow


Further Development

Are you interested in collaborating with Joonas and Kevin, or discussing how this idea could be taken further?

Please leave a comment on this page.

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