Open Data Hack Day 2012

A free two day event providing a unique opportunity to discover the potential of publishing and using open data.

25-26 October 2012, The Open Data Institute, London, UK




A year on from the previous DevCSI Open Data event, what has changed… quite a lot as it turns out! With an increasing number of datasets available and even the premiership football champions joining the party, we ask what new opportunities there are and what has been learnt?

This hackday will kick of with a number of thought provoking talks and demonstrations that will set the tone for further discussion and debate. Time will be provided for breakout groups to discuss and develop turn key solutions to identified problems and opportunities.

Whether you are just getting involved in open data, or are already knee deep, this event will provide a unique opportunity to discover the potential of publishing and using open data.

Confirmed Speakers:

      Jeni Tennison, Technical Director, The Open Data Institute

   Antonio Acuña, Head of at Cabinet Office

Christopher Gutteridge, Facilitator, University of Southampton


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Day One – Ideas and Development Day


10:00                   Coffee and Registration

10:30                   Welcome and outline for the day

10:45                   Opening Presentations – Jeni

11:30                    Opening Presentations – Antonio

12:00                   Opening Presentations – Chris (30 mins)

12:30                    Lunch & Brainstorming

13:30                    Formation of Working Groups

14:00                    Discussion of Ideas

14:30                    Work on Ideas

15:00                    Coffee

15:30                    Work on Ideas

18:30                    Check into Accommodation

19:30                    Dinner

21:00                    Work on Ideas until late


Day Two – Community Connection Day (Involving Businesses from the Local Area, Google etc maybe)


09:30                    Catch up from Day One

11:00                    Coffee

11:30                    Work on Ideas

12:30                    Lunch

13:30                    Open Lab Demo’s with demonstrations to invited guests

15:00                    Coffee

15:30                    Moving Forward…

16:30                    Workshop Close








The Open Data Institute
65 Clifton St, London Borough of Hackney, EC2A, UK







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This is a FREE event.  Yes, FREE.  Really.  For everyone.




Please note: To keep this event free, there there is a £50 cancellation fee.






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