MRD Hack Days

A free hack event for developers and experts interested in Managing Research Data.
Thursday 3rd of May and Friday 4th of May, Manchester, UK.



MRD Hack days is a FREE event (includes accommodation and food) for developers and experts who are interested in the area of Managing Research Data.

This event has been organised between DevCSI, the JISC Managing Research Data Programme and the JISC Orbital Project. It aims to bring together software developers, project managers, data librarians and experts particularly in the area of Managing Research Data.

Hack days are a place for like minded people to get together, to have an opportunity to discuss issues relevant in the area, experiment in a focussed way on prototyping systems and even hacking them together. It also aims for people to explore current ways of doing things and how they could be improved.

We are hoping that people will come together to form small teams/groups, to discuss issues, work on paper/real prototypes, datasets, APIs. The event will culminate in a series of presentations from the teams in terms of the work they have carried out.

Please visit the MRD Hack Days Ideas page for the people are interested in. Please add a new posting, or reply to existing ones to express your interest. Current ideas include:

  • How to quickly mint URIs for public data that will be permanently citable
  • Assigning Unique IDs
  • Dealing with real-time instrument data
  • Translating OAIS into user stories in dealing and managing data sets.
  • Using generic level DC metadata to describe data sets
  • rifCS and datasets
  • Using CERIF to manage datasets
  • SWORD 2
  • Identifiers: ORCID API, Datacite/DOIs (BL DataCite API)
  • DMPOnline APIs.
  • Object stores
  • NoSQL
  • OAuth

All participants will be able to share their own examples, expertise and opinions via the lightning sessions, discussions and informal networking opportunities. The event (including accommodation) is free to all participants.

The event is organised by DevCSI and supported by JISC .

Further questions to Mahendra Mahey or Simon Hodson.

Registration is now CLOSED.  

If you still want to come, please email or Mahendra Mahey 

Sessions will include:

Day 1

09:00 – 9.30 Coffee and Registration(Put your ideas on the wall…)
09:30 Welcome and IntroductionsMahendra Mahey (DevCSI) and Simon Hodson (JISC)
10:00 Lightning Talks (5 mins max)Below are offers of possible lightning talks to be given, people can volunteer (or not) on the day.1. JISC funded HDMP (History Data Management Plan) at the University of Hull with a view to continuing with the History DMT (Data Management Training and Guidance) project in partnership with London University.

John Nicholls

University of Hull

2. Crash course on storing and querying data in MongoDB.


Managing research data at the University of Lincoln, using NoSQL,

Nick Jackson

University of Lincoln 3. PIMMS

Portable Infrastructure for the Metafor Metadata System) provides institutions with tools to capture information about the workflow of running simulations from the design of experiments to the implementation of experiments via simulations running models)

Gerard Devine

NCAS, University of Reading

4. Database as a Service implemented in Oxford University.

VIDaaS -


DaMaRo –

Asif Akram

Oxford University


John Kay

The British Library



Journal of Open Archaeology Data

UP metajournals

Brian Hole

Ubiquity Press

8. YouShare

YouShare a HEFCE funded project to provide a environment for researchers to share programs and data and apply programs to their data.

Aaron Turner

University of York

9. The community around the Brisskit tool set.

Malcolm Newbury


10. Ian Wellaway

11. Monica Duke



11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break (Put your ideas on the wall…)
11:30 – 12:00 Overview of Ideas from BlogMahendra Mahey
12:00 – 12:30 Put your ideas on the wall…
12:30 – 13:30 Put your ideas on the wall…Lunch
13:30 – 14:00 Decide on Ideas and Getting into GroupsMahendra Mahey and Simon Hodson
14:00 – 14:30 Present Ideas to GroupFeedback from group, connections and issues…
14:30 – 15:00 Working on Ideas
15:00 – 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-17.30 Working on Ideas
18:00 Coffee Break
18:30 – 19.30 Check in to your rooms
19:30 – 21.00 Dinner
21:00 Working on Ideas till late…

Day 2

Day 2 Breaks
09:00 – 09:30 Coffee
09:30 Catch up from Day 1
10:00 – 11.00 Feedback on Ideas
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 – 12.30 Working on Ideas
12:30 – 13.30 Lunch
13:30 – 15:00 Working on Ideas
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 – 16:30 Presentations
16:30 End
Ideas / Interests

Please visit the MRD Hackday Ideas Page, and post ideas for what you would like to do at the event. 

Interests of Delegates

First Name: Surname: Organisation: Why are you coming to the event?
John Nicholls University of Hull I am interested in developing the human interaction side of data management from the academic perspective as well as a publically acceptable view.
Kaushalya Kularatnam LBi
Alex Ball UKOLN, University of Bath Share ideas, pick up tips, particularly on documentation.
Nick Jackson University of Lincoln
Joss Winn University of Lincoln To solve problems, learn from others and talk about our work.
Sander van der Waal OSS Watch Interested in the open source software projects, mainly around CERIF, RIM and RDM in general.
Mahendra Mahey DevCSI, UKOLN, University of Bath
Simon Hodson JISC Programme Manager
Daniel Hanlon UCL To share ideas and learn about the opinion of others in the field of software development around research data and research data management.
Gerard Devine NCAS, University of Reading To learn what other people may be doing in relation to software solutions to data/metadata management
Alex Henderson University of Manchester I’m just starting a project (EPSRC Windfall Grant) to take data from ~10 lab instruments and host it on a communal server. I’d like to get the process right so that we can expand that across the department. I’m looking for best practise to handle large data (some up to 20 GB) and associated metadata. Need to handle hyperspectral image data (chemistry based) and to be able to datamine it. Previously I’ve archived hyperspectral imaging data from FTIR of cancer tissue and SIMS of cells and tissue.
Asif Akram Oxford University I am currently working on one of JISC MRD projects and in past worked on 3 MRD projects.
Jon Besson University of Manchester To see like minded people and what they are working on.
Kathleen Haigh-Hutchinson Manchester University
Damian Steer University of Bristol Involved in data publishing project at university.
Scott Brander University of St Andrews Represent and discuss CERIF for Datasets, find out more about SWORD2 and its advantages and disadvantages for the projects below, discuss unique IDs (NAMES, ORCID), etc.
Carlos Silva VADS – University for the Creative Arts
Jez Cope University of Bath My role as Technical Data Coordinator on the Research360 project requires me to understand the technical aspects of our data management infrastructure and translate these for our non-technical users in the form of training and documentation. I am also partly responsible for evaluating and choosing software solutions to some of our data management challenges.I have particular interests in the following:* The role of Virtual Research Environments (and other collaborative platforms) as a component in the data management workflow; * The use of object stores such as the Hitachi Content Platform to provide underlying storage for a data repository; * Tools to make it simple (frictionless?) for non-technical users to store metadata with their data, perform version control (a la git) and store data on resilient networked storage while still keeping it available offline (a la Dropbox).Also, as a computer scientist and occasional web developer, I am interested in the possibility of contributing to open source projects in my free time.
John Kaye The British Library I am keen to see what hackers can do with research data and I was wondering if any of them had any ideas for a project we are just embarking on.
Thomas Parsons The University of Nottingham To gauge what technical problems are out there and learn more about metadata.
Kirsty Pitkin
Steve Welburn Queen Mary, University of London To meet developers and find out more about developing data management standards.
Brian Hole Ubiquity Press We are currently completing the REWARD project at UCL (, which involves the deposit of datasets in the institutional eprints repository, via integration with a data journal. We’d like to look at how to better exploit/expose the data now that it is in the repository, and for ways to better automate the experience (DOI/URI generation, etc.).
Julian Cheal Ukoln To hack data
Lindsay Wood Newcastle University JISC MRD02 iridium project manager looking to feed into back from event.
John Bottomley Sheffield Uni I want to know more about this area of work and network.
Aaron Turner University of York The list of areas of interest match current topics of interest for me.
nick syrotiuk mimas, univ. of manchester To exchange ideas, knowledge and information with colleagues.
Dan Small The University of Exeter We are looking to use SWORD2 to deposit into DSPACE. Preferably we are looking to use SWORD2 to add metadata to objects already on the same file system as DSPACE, without copying the object.
Debadutt Goswami Univeristy of Leciester
Ian Wellaway University of Exeter Learn more about using SWORD 2 in Dspace repositories.
Tim Brody EPrints Representing/supporting interest in EPrints, most of the “ideas” touch on things I’ve worked on.
Malcolm Newbury Guildfoss I will be coming along with two colleagues from Leicester University a biomedical research software project to get some help and ideas around the clinical integration of our open source packages we have adopted in the Brisskit toolset.We will also be hoping to network with other researchers.
Alexis Wolton University of Essex

Please post your ideas into the Google Spreadsheet here 


This is where we will provide links to any presentations given at the event.


Please give us feedback for the event -


The event is organised and supported by:




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