Dev8D: 3D Printing with Graham Klyne

Feb 15, 2012 by

One of the most exciting and promising pieces of technology to be on display over the last few years at Dev8D has been the 3D printing RepRaps – Machines capable of replicating up to 50% of its own components.

This year, Oxford University’s Graham Klyne shows off 2nd and 3rd generation machines, which have been built from their respective parent generation machines.

While a large scale commercial application is yet to be found for the RepRaps, Graham believes the 3D printing industry will follow that of digital image printing.

“I can imagine that we can see an ecosystem build up which would have parallels with what we can see with printing digital photos. The possibility of creating your own images – You can print them at home if you want to and if you have the right kind of equipment, but you can also take them and get them printed fairly cheaply at a store. There is a real possibility that we can see a much more competatively priced bureau service for realisation of 3D design”.



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